ACSC offers an array of services, from simply UPDATING your city/county ordinances (vital for enforcement), SOPs for properly operating an animal care facility (shelter), Animals in Disaster Plan, SETTING UP AN ECONOMICAL SHELTER COMPUTER RECORD KEEPING SYSTEM, up to assisting with the design (working with architects) and renovation- construction of a new animal shelter.

Our 10 + years of experience in the Animal Care & Control field can be very beneficial to you in many ways. We believe in ECONOMICS (not cheap) and WORKABILITY, to not only save money, but time, labor and employee turnover.


We can assure you, that whatever you spend with us, you will save 10 times that in the completion of any task we may perform.

Many times a city/county may simply need a third party evaluation of the current facility operations and more specifically, the STAFFING. If your department and/or current or previous staff have had, or are having legal, Public Relations or operation problems, ACSC can immediately assist with that. We can analyze the problems and assist the existing or establish new operating procedures and staff if that is the case. Many times, simple CORRECT TRAINING is all that may be required.

Our combined operations and construction experience is a big plus for anyone desiring to construct a new animal care facility. We have plans that range from $135.00-$200.00 a square foot. Our goal is efficiency and cost effectiveness to get the job done. One can just "throw something up" but we assure you that will be a huge mistake and a nightmare for all future operations and employees. Always, building for today’s needs with the option to easily and cost effectively expand.

ASCS is available upon request to come assist. We begin with a short EDUCATIONAL presentation so all the decision makers are aware of all the facts and can make an informed decision of how to properly proceed.

(Assistance with P.R., Personnel Retention, Training Upper Management, Updating Operations, Hiring New Employees, etc.)

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