TAACO-ACSC services are billed much like any other professional (attorney or architect) service. Our basic service includes a complete Departmental Facility Evaluation, in the event one does exist. If not, a Needs Analysis would need to be performed to create one.

Informing or educating the community and any governing city (city council/commissioners court), especially if it is a joint venture. Education is the key to making a prudent, sound and informed decision.

Site evaluation of location of existing or to construct any new facility and offer suggestions on design and plans for construction or renovation. We have proven approved plans available that may be adapted to most any site and size facility needed.

Provide a written evaluation and recommendation upon request

Generally the above takes approximately 3 days, not counting travel time.

(We prefer to meet with "officials" before and after services are complete)

  • BASIC COST: $4,500.00 Retainer
  • TRAVEL: Travel days (drive time) $100.00 per day
  • MILEAGE: $0.55 per mile (airfare billed at current rate, if necessary)
  • RENTAL CAR: $50.00 per day (if needed)
  • LODGING: $135.00 per day
  • PER-DIEM: $45.00 per day

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