• Complete Department Evaluation

  • Perform a Needs Assessment and Offer Recommendations

  • Educate the Community, and/or City Council or County Commissioners on all Laws, Rules & Regulations in the Operations of an Animal Care Department/Facility

  • Dealing With Negative Media and Public Controversy regarding Animal Services

  • Helping the Community Understand the Difference Between "Animal Control" and "Animal Services". Clarification on No or Limited Kill Facilities

  • Evaluations With Hiring - Training Existing or New Personnel

  • Assistance with or creating Standard Operating Procedures for Shelter and/or Field Operations

  • Designing and Operating a Rabies Quarantine Facility

  • Setting up a Computerized Shelter Record Keeping System

  • Assistance with creating or Updating City/County Ordinances

  • Evaluating Existing Equipment and Possible Needs for Updating

  • Assistance creating an "Intra-local Agreement" between the City/County and Multiple jurisdictions

  • Assisting with correctly starting Volunteer and Rescue Groups

  • Assisting with Off-Site Adoptions and starting a Spay/Neuter Program

  • Project Fundraising and Securing Grant Funding

  • Assistance with an Operations Budget

  • Assistance with the Design and/or Construction of a New Animal Care Facility, or the Renovation of an Existing Facility

  • Provide a Year-to-Year Growth Projection

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