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Alan Spence


Welcome to the ACSC website. My name is Alan Spence. I am currently the Director of the Texas Academy of Animal Control Officers located in Giddings, Texas and we are now branching out into the animal care and facility consultant services to share our vast knowledge with those in need of assistance.

After my retirement from 27 years in law enforcement in 2005, I saw a great need to help professionalize and educate the Animal Care and Control Field with offering up-to-date, consistent professional training. I and my staff have developed 17 continuing education courses (all approved by the Department of State Health Services – DSHS) and were the first in the history to develop, implement and offer a 130-hour full training academy course for Animal Control Officers and Animal Care Technicians. We have now trained over 3,500 students and have also traveled to 5 other states teaching and consulting.

My Life experiences working in the agricultural field and my Associate’s studies from Texas A&M (1977) in animal reproduction and management give me a strong foundation to build on. I also have experience and a background in construction which is a plus in this endeavor.



Amy Perrenot


Welcome to the ACSC website. My name is Amy Perrenot. I am currently an instructor at the Texas Academy of Animal Control Officers (TAACO) located in Giddings, Texas.

Being the daughter of a Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden afforded me experience in the care of various types of wildlife from an early age on followed by a childhood full of numerous 4-H and FFA animal projects. These animal-filled childhood experiences led me to attend Southwest Texas State University where I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Animal Husbandry in 1994. 

I began my career in the animal care field in 1995 working with several veterinarians who dealt with both large and small animals where I provided for the daily care of animals including the monitoring and treating of animals with  disease, illness and injury.

After several years as a veterinarian technician, I took a big left turn and went in to the Instructional Technology field within the local Independent School District where I remained for nearly 11 years.  I became very versed in the computer technology field.

 My desire to care for animals once again took me in another direction when I took a position as the lead animal control officer at our local shelter.  I quickly rose to the occasion and became the Supervisor/Manager of the shelter where I remained for several years.  I had the opportunity to exercise my management skills overseeing the operations of the shelter and staff. I became very educated in sanitation, shelter medicine, adoption / spay-neuter procedures.

 Always desiring to further educate myself, I began to attend courses at TAACO and soon found myself as part of the staff.  I became an instructor at TAACO, in 2010 where I remain to this day. 

 As for experience, my time in the animal control field has provided me with proficiency in animal care and sheltering field. I am very knowledgeable in all the current codes, laws, rules and regulations in the construction and operations of an animal control department and animal care facility.

 I am also very knowledgeable in various breeds of dogs, cats, and other animals.  I also had the opportunity to investigate numerous animal bite cases and enforced the state sheltering /isolation of animals for rabies quarantine and observations.

 My experience with technology and shelter software can assist in bringing any shelter staff up to speed in completing impoundment records and preparing activity reports on all animals impounded, as well as aid in the adoption process. 

 Having toured a great many shelters both large and small throughout the state has educated me in the do’s and do not’s of shelter DESIGN, setup and operation and my hands on knowledge in the animal care field allows me to be available to help make any shelter operate efficiently.

 I am excited about the opportunity to assist others in need of properly designing, organizing and operating ab animal care facility.

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